The elections committee is happy to propose two members as candidates for election to the Executive Committee:  Kimberly Hope Belcher Anne McGowan.


Kimberley Belcher 1485 (1).jpg

Kimberly Hope Belcher is the Tisch Family Assistant Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. She teaches sacramental theology and ritual studies, and serves as a member of the US Catholic-Methodist ecumenical dialogue. Her scholarship includes “Ritual Systems and the Laws of Liturgical Reception,” Studia Liturgica 49.1 (2019); “The Givenness of Thanks and the Eucharist: Marion, Acknowledgments, and Anaphora,” Louvain Studies 40 (2017): 347-367; and Efficacious Engagement: Sacramental Participation in the Trinitarian Mystery (Liturgical Press, 2011).  



Anne McGowan is assistant professor of liturgy at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, she is the author of Eucharistic Epicleses, Ancient and Modern (2014) and co-author of The Pilgrimage of Egeria: A New Translation of the Itinerarium Egeriae with Introduction and Commentary (2018). She has been a member of NAAL since 2011 (serving as Delegate for Membership from 2017-2019) and participates in the Problems in the Early History of Liturgy seminar.