Upcoming Meeting





Dear CAL members,

We’re looking forward to the Catholic Academy of Liturgy’s annual meeting on Thursday, January 3, 2019 in Denver, Colorado!  As you make plans to attend CAL in 2019, keep in mind that CAL will begin on the morning of January 3th, 2019, so please make travel plans accordingly.  

The Catholic Academy of Liturgy 2019 meeting will feature Dr. Teresa Berger, a well-known author on the topic of technology and theology, who will offer insights into both challenges and possibilities that technology brings to liturgical theology. 

We will look forward to seeing you there!

The CAL Executive Committee

  • Stephen Wilbricht, CSC

  • Alan Hommerding

  • David Farina Turnbloom

1550 Court Place
Denver, Colorado 90202

Room Rates (rates good 1/1/19-1/6/19) 
$129/night plus tax Standard Room
$99/night plus tax for retired members
Complimentary Internet in all Guest rooms


AGENDA and schedule

8:30-8:50        Morning Prayer

8:50-9:00        Welcome and Introductions

9:00-9:30        First Presentation - Eileen Crowley

Liturgical Media Art:

"Art of Our Own Day” (SC#123)

9:30-9:45        Questions

9:45-10:15      Second Presentation - Theresa Berger

                        Sacraments in Bits and Bytes?

Reflections on Liturgy in Digital Mediation

10:15-10:30    Questions

10:30-11:00    Coffee Break

11:00-12:30    Business Meeting

Business Meeting

 1.     Approval of minutes (see CAL website for minutes in Past Meetings)

2.     Elections

3.     Report from Webmaster and Treasurer – Michael Driscoll

4.     Report on the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) – Paul Turner

5.     Report from National Liturgy Office of Canada – Christina Ronzio

6.     Report from Bishops Committee on Divine Worship (USA) – Andrew Menke

7.     Report from FDLC – Rita Thiron

8.     Discussion on fundraising

9.     Report on project on the Order of Celebrating Matrimony – Edward Foley

10.  Discussion on future meetings – programs and meeting format

a.     Atlanta, January 2020