Annual Meeting 2020

January 2, 2020 at Downtown Sheraton

atlanta, georgia

Meeting Information

About CAL

The Catholic Academy of Liturgy
is an organization of Catholic persons professionally trained in the disciplines of liturgy, music and related studies.  

Any Catholic member of the North American Academy of Liturgy  may belong to the Catholic Academy of Liturgy by stating their intention and requesting of any member of the executive committee to be on the CAL mailing list.

News and Documents

From time to time news breaks that touches the liturgy. CAL is interested in posting these items for its membership and for the general readership. Check here on occasion to see what’s happening.



One of the principal purposes of CAL is to engage in research, publication and dialogue concerning the Christian liturgy, east and west, past and present in order to promote the principles articulated in the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy and subsequent documents, especially the principle of full conscious and active participation, and to promote leadership that embraces these principles.