Annual Meeting 2004


Grand Hyatt, Grand Central Station, New York City, NY

January 2004

Executive Committee: Ed Foley, Andrew Ciferni, Julie Upton


Andrew Ciferni led opening prayer

Business Meeting consisting of several reports:

1. Financial Report

2. Elections – slate of candidates were John Baldovin and Mary Alice Piil. John Baldovin won. Mary Alice was thanked for letting her name go forward to stand for election.

3. Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy report: Msgr. Anthony Schurmann

a. Report on the membership of the BCL

b. Announcement of the agenda for the USCCB June 2003 17-18 meeting in St. Louis

c. Report on activities related to the 40th anniversary of the Constitution on the Liturgy; Cardinal Arinze made a presentation

d. Report on the FDLC

e. Report on the Southwest Liturgical Conference meeting

f. Report on new 2003 encyclical letter of John-Paul II issued on Holy Thursday: Ecclesia de Eucharistia.  In this letter the pope announced a forthcoming document to deal with “shadows” (liturgical abuses that he has experienced in his travels to diverse countries.

g. Report on the revised statutes of ICEL; in June 2003, Cardinal George sent them to USCCB; the full body of bishops unanimously approved them.

h. Report on the Sunday Celebration in the Absence of a Priest (SCAP), first appearing on June 2, 1988 and now under revision.

i. Report on the guidelines for concelebration

l. Report on status of lectionary reform

k. Report on Pastoral Introduction; published one month earlier

l. Report on De Ordinatione; published first text 4 months earlier