Annual Meeting 2005


Hyatt Regency, Louisville, KY

January 6, 2005

Executive Committee: Andrew Ciferni, Julie Upton, John Baldovin


1) Executive Committee Report (A.D. Ciferni)
  • After last year’s meeting, wrote to Bruce Harbert, Bishop Roche and Cardinal George
  • Email GIRM
  • Exec. Com asked to take position, but we had no mechanism to do so; ergo McCarron’s proposal on Position Statements
  • Oct. 12th meeting at SJU
  • FDLC – Joyce’s representation
  • Agenda
  • Questions? à None!
  • Proposal: Ed Foley as Secretary, Treasurer, Archivist AND Jerry Chinchar as webmaster à Acclamation!
  • Clare England of Continuum wrote to Andrew asking for the membership list à Joyce asks him to make clear that IF we share the list they cannot share it with others; Mike McMahon/NPM has a sample contract; Doris asks who has the official lists of members (Ed Foley and Jerry Chinchar); will this be a policy; Mike McMahon = issue of such small importance, just trust the leadership;  clear support.

 2) Finance Report (E. Foley) 

  • Costs minimal at this point; just meetings of the Exec. Committee
  • Hoping to generate another $1,000 gift this year so that we still remain without dues.
3) BCL Report (A. Sherman)
  • Consultation on the Ordo Missae – 1,000 pages of commentary – work not completed in July so will be continued in January; response from all the world + Vox Clara, Congregation; direction not clear – maybe Bruce Harbert will tell us.
  • June 2004 – BCL met in Denver – report on 2 meetings with musicians – endorsing 7 suggestions regarding Chant in the Roman Missal
  • Adaptations for the Ordo Missae in 1976 – reviewed again to insure that they would be included in the next edition; will be presented and voted on when the ICEL missal is submitted to the conferences.
  • Review of the lectionary – instrument to all the bishops – evaluation completed; April 2004 committee formed to study the report; proposal: experimental revision for Lent and Advent that would be studied by those with skills; 30 changes to Advent Sunday readings—17 of which could actually be changed; will now look to the weekdays.  Canada seems to be making some headway using NRSV and incorporating changes required by the V
  • Lectionario – for use in the USA … working on the project … thought it was a simple project to use the Mexico edition for readings and Spanish edition for music; NOT simple!  Copyright issues with Mexico
  • Lectionary for Masses with Children – sub-committee ¾ through their work
  • Spanish language of Rite of Baptism for Children – use of the edition from Mexico and Spain; received 100% approval by the body of bishops.  Never happened before!
  • Rituo Matrimonio – sub-committee determined that the urgency required them to act before the English is approved.
  • Dei
  • Benedictionale – Spanish language edition approved in 1999 w Mexican lectionary and sent to Rome; includes quince-annos blessing (also 100% vote!)
  • SWAP should be coming from Rome shortly BUT because it doesn’t have an editio typica it doesn’t have the same level of authority.  
  • Ratio --- aid for translators
  • BCL Newsletter – posted on the website; 35 years now collected and indexed!  Urge purchase!  Needs to be on every academic’s shelf.  Limited publication?
  • Guidelines for Concelebrations
  • Ordination of Priests
  • Other committees where the BCL participates, e.g. North American Consultation on Common Texts
  • Reaction to concern about the value of CAL – urges us to connect with local bishop and local liturgical commission
  • Questions:

1.     (Larry Mick) Consultation on the Lectionary – exercise in formality – only a month to respond – should have much longer period for consultation

2.     Say more about reaction of the BCL itself to the translation of the OM – and what’s Tony’s sense of where it might go: “Nice try; no cigar right now.”  Question: why are we changing?  Is there a substantive reason?  Concerns about resources that are already available and the $$$ that went into them. Tony gives a real deep response to this.  [He’s such an important resource for us!]

3.     (John Baldovin) Placement of the Peace in 1998?  Has that died?  Yes!  Medina reaction – don’t monkey around too much with the edition typical.

4.     (Mike McMahon) What about improving access to BCL official documents?  Vatican has them available electronically instantly.  Tony will bring that up with Jim.

4) FDLC Report (J. Zimmerman) also report on Inter-Institute Meeting.  Joyce attends as independent theologian funded by Liturgical Press and since she attends, she also represents us there.

·    Very small meeting – concern that more and more offices are closing – seemed to lack enthusiasm

·    Concern that the vision of Vatican II be lost

·    Formal contract between FDLC and OCP has ceased – concern financial

·    Only supported 2 position statements

·    NOT the most exciting meeting!

·    Response:

1.     (Tony Sherman) Not just issue of offices closing BUT bishops aren’t sending younger people to study; concern about on-going formation for people that in liturgy offices.

               2.     (Tom Richstatter) FDLC meets at the same time as the Canon Law Society and that’s where he goes        because that’s where the bishops put their emphasis.

 5)    Voting on proposal allowing for proxy voting:

Anyone wishing to vote by proxy for a member of the executive committee at the annual meeting of the Catholic Academy of Liturgy must signify this in writing. The person who is asked to cast the proxy vote must hand the sealed proxy to a member of the exec committee before the commencement of voting.

Discussion:  Could this happen just by forwarding an email message?  That’s what happens with NAAL – OK, so we delete the term “sealed.”

 Post coffee-break

6) Election of a new executive committee member – Mary Alice Piil

 7)  Discussion on CAL Position Statements (R.McCarron).

  • We say who we are BUT we do not have a mechanism for being who we say we are; therefore suggests this mechanism for providing short statements.
  • Andy suggests that we discuss the Rationale first to determine IF this is something we want to pursue; silence – indicates that the body wants to proceed through the proposal line by line.  (Proposal submitted by Richard and seconded by Ed Foley)
    • Larry Mick questions the need for 2.1.2 – proposes it be dropped; seconded by Bob Taft.  Discussion: John Foley thinks it is advisable; Tony S agrees;  John Baldovin says it’s easy enough.
      • VOTE: 2 in favor – defeated
    • Amendment proposed – IF 2/3 isn’t achieved then can be circulated with signers saying they are from CAL
      • VOTE: clearly defeated!
    • Concern: necessity of a quorum? NO!
    • Joe Dougherty – friendly amendment 2.2.3
    • 2.2 approved as stands
    • 2.3 friendly amendment to delete “in” in “in between”
    • Discussion of 2.3.2 à use threaded discussion feature on the website – “posted on the website via threaded discussion”
    • Drop 2.3.3
    • John Foley wants response to each voter saying that the ballot was received. à defeated
    • Back to the quorum issue! 
      ”2/3 majority of the votes received from a quorum is required to ….”
      • Passed!

Lunch Break: Noon to 1:30 p.m.

8) ICEL Report (B. Harbert)

  • Main project – almost the only project – Roman Missal
    • Text goes through a series of phases … depending on the content of the texts.  (e.g. Prefaces need musicians too.)
    • By August proper of the seasons should be ready to go to the commission
    • Bishops meet in Australia in February – maybe send out another draft
    • Last part not done yet … maybe by the end of the year
  • Consultation on the recent OM translation à elicited c. 600 pages of commentary; huge range of opinion; 2 big comments: sentences too long, which now they’ve tried to address; vocabulary elements à
    • “deign” = sacrificial lamb (occurred c. 150 times but served a purpose)
    • “man” à explored lots of possibilities; doesn’t know what will be the end
    • “cup” à opinion that the word “chalice” should be used
    • Now working on the collects for Advent – problem = participial phrases in the middle of prayers.
    • Vox Clara – Cardinal Pell - the Moroney Principle = don’t change the people’s parts unless you have to.
      • “and with your spirit”
      • Preface dialogue à subtle changes – Is it worth it?
    • Performative language in the liturgy – use for the transmission of propositional thought – words to do things not just to say things; e.g. memorial acclamation
    • There will be a huge need for explanation for the new missal.
    • How much variety should there be in the Missal?
      • Problem: solemn blessings à tells us of the origin; Episcopal in origin and maybe they should have been left that way; SO experimenting with some different styles
      • Prayers over the people are different
    • Gender language in the 4th Eucharistic prayer – everyone acknowledges that this is a problem
      • Suggestion: add a few words from 1:27 (male and female you created them) BUT involves an addition to the Latin; would probably have to go the Congregation and then to the Pope
    • Ecumenical agreement/consensus – not as firm as it once was SO it’s just not a fact that if we change the words we’re backing out of an ecumenical agreement.
    • Music in the 3rd ed. – BCL/NPM meetings on chant – disagreement on the placement of stress; shape of the notes; number of lines on the staff (middle path = blobs on 5 lines)
  • Other projects to advance that won’t delay the Missal
    • Martyrology
    • Readings and the prayers for new feasts
  • Comments or questions?
    • (Ed Foley) Raises the same issue as last year in the context of those explanations – add the voice of theology to the linguistic work now being done by ICEL.  Where does theological reflection have a role in the translation process? – Bruce is open to the concept as he was last year.  Let’s have a conference!
    • (John O’Brien) Year of the Eucharist: opens the question of a “functional division” in the church between the right (reified Eucharist) and the left.
    • (Phil Sandstrom) – translation of the creed – I/We believe?  “I!”
    • (Sharon McMillan) How do you find the personnel in the Congregation? Mostly the same old crowd except Cardinal Arinze.

9) GIRM Commentary Report (E.Foley)

  • Editorial committee: Michael Joncas, Joanne Pierce, Nathan Mitchell and Ed Foley
  • Prepared outline and working on authors
    • Historical Introducton – Nathan and John Baldovin
    • Theological Introduction – Cathy Vincie and someone else
    • Canonical Introduction – Kevin Seasoltz
    • Structure follows the document
      • Preamble – Peg Kelleher
  • Commentary, sponsored by CAL and co-sponsorship by FDLC … maybe others too
  • Protocol for how co-authorship should be done
  • Will begin negotiating with publishers this month
  • Questions?

10). Reflections on Redemptionis Sacramentum

                                    Two 15 minutes presentations followed by discussion.

                                    J. Upton, moderator

11) Return to the business of the Position Statement

  • Ed Foley suggests that we try to complete our work using the Internet as proposed
  • Mike McMahon moves that we extend the meeting 15 minutes and take on the amendments – OK
  • Quorum issue: concern that a statement would be issued in CAL’s name with limited participation.  What about a simple majority of the quorum.  Refine the language.  OK – applies to the earlier section as well