Annual Meeting 2006


Hyatt Islandia, San Diego, CA

January 5, 2006

Executive Committee: Julie Upton, John Baldovin, Mary Alice Piil


9 to 10:15 a.m. 

                        Executive Committee Report (J. Upton)

                        Finance Report (E. Foley)

                        ICEL Report (P. Turner)

                        BCL Report (A. Sherman)

Canadian Report (D. Kelly)

                        Election of a new executive committee member

                        GIRM Commentary Report (E.Foley)

 Coffee break.

10:45 a.m. to Noon: “Conversation” with Bishop Trautman (J. Upton)

          Lunch Break: Noon to 1:30 p.m. 

1:30 – 3:00 p.m.: Panel Presentation/Discussion (M. A. Piil)

                        Panelists: P. Fink, ?, ?

                        Where do we go from here? 

      • Learning from the past
      • Addressing the needs of today
      • Heading for the future


Following last year’s meeting, Julia Upton sent a letter of thanks to Bruce Harbert and a letter of introduction to Bishop Trautman, similar to letters that Andrew Ciferni sent in other years.

John Baldovin, Mary Alice Piil and Julia met on Friday, October 20, 2005 at 1:30 p.m. by conference call. 

As you see, the meeting generally follows the pattern of reports set by our predecessors, although we have made a few alterations which I will explain.

In planning for this meeting our first decision was not to invite Bruce Harbert again this year.  The dialogue we had hoped to foster by these invitations over the past 2 years had just not happened, and we thought it might be more fruitful for us to engage Bishop Trautman as a conversation partner. Unfortunately, he was scheduled to be out of the country during this time.  Plan B was to speak with him ourselves and report on that conversation.  In future years Bishop Trautman would be happy to join us, but the Bishops of Pennsylvania have their annual retreat together the first week in January so scheduling might prove difficult again.

We invited a report from Canada this year, which was prepared by Donna Kelly.

We prepared a slate of candidates, some of whom accepted our invitation to stand for election, and to them we are very grateful.

We wanted the accent to be on the positive at this meeting, and to that end the afternoon session has been planned that will be facilitated by Mary Alice Piil.  Again we are grateful to Peter, Larry and Gill for their willingness to serve as panelists.

Because of the somewhat ad hoc structure of the Catholic Academy of Liturgy linking to the NAAL, when changes to the mother website were made during this year we sort of lost our home.  Jerry Chinchar has continued to maintain the CAL website, but I am not confident that the membership roster was accurate.

Finally, providing for lunch was also a challenge this year because of the location of the meeting.  At Alan Barthel’s suggestion we have arranged to have lunch catered here for us all.  Ed will be accepting free-will offerings to replenish the treasury.  The real cost of lunch for 50 of us is about $20 a head.  Alan assured me that portions are generous and that should meet our needs.