Annual Meeting 2011


Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, California

January 6, 2011

Executive Committee: Richard McCarron, Joanne Pierce, Michael Driscoll


Call to Order and Introduction: Richard McCarron ▪ Welcome: Archbishop Niederauer. Prayer: Michael Driscoll

Program: Chair: Richard McCaron

Business Meeting: Chair: Joanne Pierce

▪Call to Order and Introduction: Richard McCarron ▪ Welcome: Archbishop Niederauer
▪ Opening Prayer: Michael Driscoll

Reports: BCDW
Canadian Bishops

Paul / ICEL

Panel Discussion: Implementation of the new Roman Missal ▪Panelists: Ed Foley (theology/formation for ministry) Joyce Zimmerman (mystagogy/catechesis)

Steve Janco (music) ▪ Respondent: Michael Witzcak

Coffee Break

Open Forum

Business Meeting: Joanne Pierce
▪ Approval of Minutes of 2010 Meeting
▪ Election of New Member of Executive Committee ▪ Treasurer’s Report
▪ Executive Committee’s Report
▪ New Business

Lunch (on one’s own)

Business Continued and Small Groups
▪ OM Commentary Project
▪ Further discussion of panel topics—individual groups on topics, e.g. theology, formation, mystagogy, catechesis, music] ▪ Others

CAL Executive Committee meeting]

Reception sponsored by Liturgical Press