Annual Meeting 2012


Hyatt Regency, Montreal, Quebec

January 5, 2012

Executive Committee: Joanne Pierce, Michael Driscoll, Mark Wedig


9:00 Call to Order: Joanne Pierce

Opening Prayer (led by Mark Wedig)

9:20 Panel: Liturgical Diversity in Canada: Cultural Collaboration and Challenges:


1.     Gaëtan Baillargeon (Directeur, Office national de liturgie, CECC)

2.     Simone Brosig (Director, Office of Liturgy, Diocese of Calgary)

3.     Bill Burke (Director, National Liturgy Office, CCCB)

4.     Peter Galadza (Kule Family Professor of Liturgy, Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies, St. Paul University, Ottawa)

Moderator: Michael Driscoll

Reflections by panelists (15 minutes each), followed by comments/questions from the floor

The program took advantage of the  meeting located  in Montreal to learn more about liturgical diversity in Canada. There was a very interesting panel with Fr. Gaetan Baillargeon (Directeur, Office national de liturgie, bishops’ conference), Simone Brosig (Director, Office of Liturgy, Diocese of Calgary), Fr. Bill Burke (Director, National Liturgy Office, bishops’ conference), Peter Galadza (professor of Eastern Catholic Liturgy, St. Paul University, Ottawa).

A few highlights:  * French-speaking and English-speaking Catholics in Canada have quite different histories and traditions. Oversimplification: the French are more traditional and less legalistic. Example: implementation of new GIRM for the French meant “let’s not worry about details of new rules, let’s focus on the spirit of the liturgy. Actually, let’s not change much of anything.”

* In some places people stand for the Eucharistic Prayer after the Sanctus, then kneel for the “consecration” (aka Institution Narrative) (aka Supper Narrative). In other places people stand for the entire EP. In other places people kneel for the entire EP. Time to unify all this, right? Bishops’ conference almost got agreement that all would kneel for all of EP – but French-speaking bishops would accept this only if the local bishop had freedom to legislate otherwise (since standing until the Supper Narrative is in fact the universal norm). Holy See would approve this only if the local-bishop-clause were removed. Bishops’ conference rejected this. Which means:  the diversity continues.

* Communion under both forms is common among English-speakers, rare among French-speakers. At joint liturgies some resist both forms because “that’s not Catholic, it’s English.”

* Marriages are increasingly not just ecumenical, but interfaith. The rite of marriage needs development to acknowledge this.

10:30/45 Coffee Break

Business Meeting:  Chair:  Michael Driscoll

·       Report from the elections committee and elections

·       Report for the BCDW (USCCB) - Rick Hilgartner

·       Report for Canadian Bishops’ Committee - Bill Burke

·       Report from Paul Turner for ICEL 

·       Report on the new Commentary - Ed Foley

·       Report from the Treasurer - Robert Daley

·       Report from the Webmaster - Jerry Chinchar

·       Report from out-going officer - Joanne Pierce

12:15 Lunch

2:00 Panel: Future Publication Projects for CAL: Panelists:

1.     Glenn Byer (Director of Publications, CCCB)

2.     Hans Christoffersen (Publisher for Academic and Trade Markets, Liturgical Press)

3.     Don LaSalle, S.M.M.

4.     Mark Wedig, O.P.

Reflections by panelists (10-15 minutes each), followed by discussion from the floor

3:15 Adjourn

(Meeting of CAL Executive Committee followed immediately.)