Annual Meeting 2014

Annual Meeting 2014

Grand Hyatt Cyprus Hotel, Orlando, FL

January 2, 2014

63 members of CAL in attendance; Anthony Ruff OSB chaired the meeting.


9:00 am                   Morning Prayer

9 30 am                   Greetings from Bishop John Noonan

9:45                          Mary Gautier, PhD, CARA (Center for Applied Research for the Apostolate)

                                                               Presentation on Catholic Liturgy and Worship

10:45 am                 Coffee Break

11:00 am                  Moderated Session – Questions and Open Discussion

12 noon                    Lunch Break

1:15 pm                     Break-out Session on Handbook on Preaching (see below)

                                          and other sessions

2:00 pm                   Business Meeting


1.    Handbook on Preaching: It is proposed that CAL approve sponsorship for a “Handbook on Catholic Preaching” [this is not a suggested title].  The concept, accepted by Liturgical Press for future publication, would be to provide a resource that is not designed as a "text book" for Roman Catholic students of preaching, but a reference work, that would give historical, theological and contextual frameworks to the people who teach preaching and to those interested in such a preaching resource, which could include some students.  It would/could include such things as 1) a section providing historical overviews of various phases of "catholic" preaching, 2) a section providing an introduction to various church documents on preaching, 3) a section addressing the canonical implications of who can/might/should preach, 4) a section mapping the various forms of preaching [seriously updating the Burke/Doyle book], 5) a review of the operative methods of preaching, 6) a section providing reflections on the multiple cross-cultural/contextual forms of preaching (e.g., children, elderly, women, rural, etc.), 7) a section theological considerations of the various genres of preaching [e.g., do Roman Catholics have a particular theology of preaching or only a theology of the homily], etc.

As in previous proposals, the intentional liquidity of the outline is precisely so that during the CAL meeting there can be a consultation with CAL members who would offer their wisdom on its design and content.  The editorial board is being formed, and will be announced at the CAL meeting.  This project would reach beyond CAL and solicit input from the Catholic Academy of Teachers of Homiletics [CATH] and possibly the Academy of Homiletics.

By means of acclamation, the membership of CAL approved official support of the project proposed by Ed Foley, Capuchin.

2.     Report on ICEL: Paul Turner gave an update on the current projects of ICEL

3.     Report from the USCCB Secretariat on Divine Worship:

a.     Msgr. Rick Hilgartner gave an update on the work of the Committee on Divine Worship. He especially updated the changes related to personnel changes. Both Rick Hilgartner and Dan Merz will be leaving the Secretariat in next 6 months). Fr. Michael Flynn will assume the Directorship. Hilgartner delineated some of the current projects.

b.     Marriage (adaptation: Litany of the Married Saints) and Confirmation Rites.

c.      Liturgy of the Hours – (with consultation of members of Religious communities).

d.     RCIA and Infant Baptism.

4.     National Liturgy Office – Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops: Terry Fournier gave an update on the work of the National Office of Liturgy of the Canadian bishops. 

5.     Suggestions from the CAL membership: Anthony Ruff consulted the membership about concerns:

a.     Ask NAAL to identify Catholic members, especially visitors, in order to gather a larger constituency of members for the annual meeting.

b.     Organize a membership committee to encourage more participation in CAL meeting.

c.      Consider the issue of dues – the continued problem of who manages the dues/membership.

d.     Reminded that the $125+ for room and board for an extra day needs to be considered towards membership.

e.     Need to fund-raise and solicit funds from supporting institutions.

f.      Mark Wedig to continue to maintain the LIST-Serve set up by Barry University.

Mark Wedig, OP, recorder


CAL Leadership Team Meeting

March 8, 2014

The CAL leadership team (Anthony Ruff, OSB, Vicky Tufano, Steve Janco) met in Chicago on March 8, 2014.

The meeting began at 9:00 am. All decisions were made by unanimous consent. The agenda for the day was reviewed and determined.

1.     It was agreed that leaders as simply known as “members of the leadership team” and, apart from the requirements of legal incorporation, are not known by further titles (president, vice-president, etc.) within CAL.

2.     2015 CAL Membership Meeting Planning: Prayer and liturgy was discussed in light of the 2015 meeting falling on the January 1 solemnity. It was decided to begin the meeting with a brief (5 minute) prayer, and to hold a Mass at the end of the morning, before lunch. Steve will inquire with Courtney about whether she was interesting in scheduling a Mass for the day. If CAL is organizing it, Anthony will preside, and Anthony and Steve Janco will coordinate the liturgy planning. Anthony will inquire about possibilities for spaces to hold the Mass at the hotel.

3.     Several possible topics for the 2015 meeting were considered. The topic will be RCIA in view of coming retranslation and reconsideration of the USCCB catechumenate statues. Vicky Tufano will give a 35-40 minute overview of how we got the RCIA since the decisions of Vatican II, the development of the current rites, and the implications of possible forthcoming changes. Two individuals will be invited to give a 15 minute contribution, one from a pastoral viewpoint (from someone in pastoral ministry) and one from a scholarly standpoint (from someone in academia). Anthony will moderate a group discussion.

4.     Stipends for speakers who are not members of CAL were set.

5.     Fundraising: The history of fundraising and major donations to CAL since 2009 was reviewed. It was decided which past donors to approach again and who from the CAL leadership team will approach them. Several new possible donors were identified and it was determined who will contact each of them. In the next mailing, the CAL membership will be asked to assist in identifying possible donors to CAL.

6.     Finances and Treasurer Position: Candidates for the office of treasurer were discussed, and Anthony will contact them beginning with our first choice. Anthony will inquire about the possible costs to CAL of the forthcoming preaching handbook.

7.     In light of the discussion at the 2014 meeting, the leadership team will not propose a system of dues to the membership at the 2015 meeting. It will be suggested to all attendees in 2015 that they donate $25 or more when the hat is passed, with understanding given to students and those with limited income.

8.     Membership Outreach: The CAL website and list-serve and how best to maintain them was discussed. Anthony will be in contact with Mark Wedig about this.

9.     The leadership team will work with NAAL leadership to make sure that all Catholic NAAL members and visitors know that they are eligible for CAL membership and attendance as visitor. The current CAL membership list will be updated as necessary.

10. Leadership Team Nominations: A new member will be elected to the CAL leadership team for a three-year term at the 2015 meeting. It was decided to nominate two people. After discussion of over ten people, the top five candidates were determined. Anthony will contact them beginning with the first choice.

11. The leadership team will be in contact by email, and teleconference if needed, between now and the 2015 membership meeting.

12. The tentative schedule of the January 1, 2015 CAL meeting is:

9:00 am          Convene and short prayer

9:15 – 10:30 Presentations (Vicky Tufano and two others on RCIA)

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45 – 11:30 Discussion moderated by Anthony Ruff

11:45-12:30 Mass (Anthony presiding)

12:30-2:00    Lunch

2-4pm          CAL business meeting (There is no LitPress reception this day.)

-       Usual reports from ICEL, BCDW, CCCB; financial report; report on membership encouragement and on fundraising; preaching handbook update.


The meeting adjourned at 2:10 pm.

Recorder: Anthony Ruff, OSB