Annual Meeting 2017

NAAL Joint Roman Catholic & Lutheran Pre-Meeting

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Downtown Renaissance Hotel

Washington, DC

97 attendees

9:00 Morning Prayer

9:20 Greetings & Welcome

9:30 – 10:30 - Dr. Steven R. Janco “From Fear that Song a Sin Might Be: Lutherans, Catholics, and Congregational Singing” Associate Professor of Church Music and Liturgy, Saint Joseph’s College, Rensselaer, IN and Director of Rensselaer Program of Church Music and Liturgy Introduced by Dr. Paul Westermeyer, Emeritus Professor of Church Music, Luther Seminary, St. Paul MN

10:30 – 11:00 -Break (sponsored by Notre Dame Center for Liturgy)

11:00 – 12:00 -Dr. Thomas Schattauer “Reforming and Renewing Worship in an Ecumenical Age: Roman and Lutheran Catholics in North America” Professor of Liturgics and Dean of the Chapel, Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, IA Introduced by Dr. Paul Turner, Pastor of St. Anthony Parish, Kansas City and Ecumenical Officer for Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO

12:00 – 12:30 - Q & A Discussion of both presentations

12:30 – 1:45 -Lunch 

Catholic Academy of Liturgy Business Meeting - 1:45 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Thursday, 5 January 2017. Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel (Renaissance Ballroom)

51 members in attendance

Leadership Team: Steve Janco, Katharine Harmon, Steve Wilbricht, C.S.C., Michael Driscoll, Treasurer: Steve Wilbricht, C.S.C. clerk

1:55 Steve Janco called the meeting to order.

1:55 Michael Driscoll passed the hat for donations to CAL.

1:56 Steve Janco asked the membership to review the minutes from the 2016 meeting.

1:56 Steve Janco announced that Joyce Ann Zimmerman is in the hospital.

2:00 Steve Janco asked for a motion to approve the minutes, and they were unanimously approved.

2:00 Steve read the citations for the two candidates for election: Alan Hommerding and Gabriel Pivarnik, O.P.  Alan was elected on the first ballot.


1. Treasurer and Webmaster: Michael Driscoll reported on those institutions who provided funds during the past year. He reported that CAL had very few expenses throughout the past year. This is partially due to the fact that speakers for the last two meetings have come from within the Academy. Michael distributed a printed report of the CAL finances, noting a balance of $7,438.06. With regard to the Website, Michael asked that anyone with suggestions or comments please approach him.

2. Document Gathering: Katie Harmon announced that we are trying to secure documents, especially material that people may have in their own personal archives. She asked that all documents be sent to her. She will prepare a dropbox that can be accessed by members.

3. International Commission on English in the Liturgy: Paul Turner reported on the activities of ICEL. Projects underway include: Mass texts for Our Lord Jesus Christ Eternal High Priest, the Liturgy of the Hours, the Blessing of Oils, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, Rites of Ordination, and the Roman Martyrology. He noted that the atmosphere among ICEL, Vox Clara, and the Congregation for Divine Worship is improved. He concluded with a more in-depth discussion of the R.C.I.A.

4. Bishops Committee on Divine Worship (USA): Rita Thiron of the FDLC reported on its work in connection with the BCDW, including publications such as catechesis on the Order for Celebrating Matrimony. The FDLC will be creating several webinars on initiation. She reported that the National Statutes for the Catechumenate are being scrutinized by various constituents. The consultation on the National Statutes revealed that there are many points to be affirmed/upheld, and yet there are some holes that need to be filled. She went on to report on the BCDW. The Order for Celebrating Marriages has been released. The Missale Romano has received the recognitio by Rome and is in the fine-tuning stage. Work is being done on the Spanish version of the U.S. missal. The Rite of Exorcism and the Rite of Dedication of a Church and Altar are both waiting for approval from Rome. The Order of Confirmation has been put into use.

5. National Liturgy Office (Canada): Terry Fournier reported on the activities of the National Liturgy Office, noting that the Order of Marriage in French is ready for publication. Progress has also been made on the Order of Christian Funerals, the weekday lectionary, the Order of Celebrating Funerals in the Presence of Cremains.

6. New Project Proposal for CAL: Vicky Tufano, speaking for Ed Foley, reported on a project on the Order of Celebrating Matrimony. The book will be published by Liturgy Training Publications. Katie Harmon asked for a vote, and the membership agreed that the project should proceed.

1:45 – 2:30 - Sharing of news

2:30 – 3:00 - Planning for 2018 in Vancouver, BC (January 4-7). Ideas for the 2018 Meeting in Vancouver: Paul Turner suggested more time for Canadians

Open Forum: No suggestions or announcements were made.

Final Words of Thanks: Katie thanked Bob Daly for his service as the clerk. She also thanked Steve Janco for his service to the troika.