Annual Meeting 2019


Downtown Sheraton, Denver Colorado

Thursday, 3 January 2019

8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (Meeting started 30 minutes late due to discrepancy with NAAL schedule.)

56 attendees

9:00-9:20 Celebration of Morning Prayer - prepared by Alan Hommerding.

9:17-9:20 Welcome and Introductions: by Steve Wilbricht. Steve introduced Alan and David.

9:22-9:52 Eileen Crowley’s prsentation: “Liturgical Media Art: Art of our own Day (SC #123)”. Crowley argued that we need to use art that is of the liturgy and not merely art that is in the liturgy. She argued that we must turn to media artists to learn how to integrate media art that is “of the liturgy.”

9:53-10:19 Question and Discussion Session.

10:20-10:52 Teresa Berger’s presentation: “Sacraments in Bits and Bytes: Reflections on Liturgy in Digital Mediation.” Berger encourages us to develop more meaningful questions about digital sacraments that take seriously the current practices and realities of online worship. Rather than lazy appeals to the omnipotence of God, we should attend to the lived reality of online worship practices in order to analyze the differences in sacramental presence through digital media.

10:52-11:10 Questions and Group Discussion

11:10-11:30 Coffee break

11:38-12:30 Catholic Academy of Liturgy Business Meeting (48 attending)

Executive Team: Steve Wilbricht, C.S.C., Alan Hommerding, David Turnbloom, Michael Driscoll (Treasurer)

11:38 Steve Wilbricht called the meeting to order. Review of minutes and approval. Michael

summarized the minutes while they were displayed on the projector.

11:40 Steve Wilbricht read the citations for the two candidates for election: Kimberley Hope Belcher

and Anne McGowan. Anne McGowan was elected on the first ballot.

11:43 Necrology report: Robert Taft, S.J.

11:45 Webmaster’s and Treasurer’s report given by Michael Driscoll. It was reported that this meeting

was uniquely expensive, and a breakdown of the meeting costs was offered. Hence, Michael encouraged

the membership to contribute $25-30. He mentioned the additional fundraising that was done to offset

these costs (e.g. the generous contributions from The Jesuit Community of Fordham, University of

Portland, Stonehill College, JS Paluch, LTP, Liturgical Press, Notre Dame Center for Liturgy). He

encouraged membership to remember the academy in their last will. No questions asked.

11:54 ICEL Report given by Paul Turner. There were two ICEL meetings in 2018. Paul read a report that

listed all of the translations that were reviewed by the commission. Motu Proprio Magnum Principium.

The congregation will hold a plenary meeting in February 2019 to revise its regulations as a result of the

Magnum Principium. ICEL has also begun a review of its own statutes. Questions were taken from the


12:05 Report from the CCCB given by Christina Ronzio.

12:16 Alan directed the membership to the printed reports from USCCB and FDLC.

12:17 Report on the Project on the Order of Celebrating Matrimony given by Ed Foley. Working with

LTP, this is a handbook for Catholic marriage that takes a broader view of marriage, not looking

exclusively at the rite. There are 12 contributors (8 are married). It will be printed by November.

12:20 Open Forum

1. Discussion of fundraising and future meetings (led by Alan). Alan emphasized the need for

continued importance of fundraising and encouraged the membership to seek out supports.

2. Alan then took an informal poll regarding the schedule of future meetings; the majority favored

the current schedule. Paul Turner suggested starting the meeting at 12:30, allowing for morning

arrival. Bernadette brought up the NAAL plan to shift the NAAL schedule and make pre-meetings

into post-meetings. Joanne suggested that we start at 10:00. Do we want to continue having a

morning meeting and forgoing an afternoon session?

3. Alan then turned the discussion to next year’s topic: the relationship between the academy and

the bishops. Kevin Irwin said that most bishop’s feel beat up with regard to liturgy. The

committee was encouraged to talk to bishops face to face. Anthony Ruff said that we should

hear from Bishops what they would like from the academy. Judith Kubicki suggested that the

bishops might be too preoccupied to focus on liturgical issues. Steve suggested reaching out to

the bishop of El Paso (Mark Seitz) as a good option for an interlocutor. This was seconded and it

was said that Seitz could also help the academy have a better rapport with the BCDW. It was

also suggested that Archbishop Wilton Gregory be invited to next year’s meeting. Ed Foley

suggested that we need to be more proactive about contact with the chair of the BCDW. Joyce

Zimmerman suggested the executive committee send the BCDW a full report of our meeting

agenda. Michael Prendergast suggest we send the bishops a copy of the book on the marriage


12:44 Alan encouraged members to volunteer for election and brought meeting to a close.